1 January

How to become an IGOGW18 Ambassador

Mimi Ajala Ministries is pleased to officially announce the launch of IGOGW Ambassadors 2018. Have you ever wanted to be part of something great?

Do you believe in impact?

Starting from August 2017, our ambassadors will play a big part in the upcoming International Gathering of Gods Women 2018 conference. Our IGOGW Ambassadors program is open to everybody.

Three simple steps to be an IGOGW18 ambassador:

1. Complete the short form below to receive your unique code
2. Send the code to your friends to purchase a ticket for IGOGW18
3. Receive £5 for every ticket sold using your code

Our IGOGW ambassadors will have access to a unique IGOGW18 code. With this code, our ambassadors will receive £5 for every IGOGW18 ticket purchased using their unique code.

For example – if an ambassador sells 50 tickets by the end of the programme, they will be sent £250. There is no cap on the number of tickets that can be purchased through a code so tell your friends, family, colleagues, fellowships, and ministries about this opportunity.

Be part of something great and spread the word about IGOGW18. Our ambassadors will tell the community about this life changing event.

We look forward to seeing you at IGOGW18.

Mimi Ajala Ministries

Become an Ambassador